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Prototype description,modelling notes, plans and model construction by Jonathan Hilliard

The weighbridge at Waterfall was used to weigh coal from Helensburgh Metropolitan colliery prior to being taken to its destination. The weighbridge was located at the north end of the yard adjacent to the water tank. The weighbridge was designed to weigh the smaller 4 wheel coal hoppers and the advent of the bogie coal wagons saw the end of its use.  The capacity of the weighbridge was 35 tons.

plan drawn by Jonathan Hilliard


The model of the weighbridge building was made by Jonathan Hilliard from Evergreen styrene from NSWGR weighbridge building plans and the roof modified to match photos of the building.

Progress at 31-01-10

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Yard Hut photos by Ron Cunningham

 The Yard hut would have been used by the railway employees based at the northern end of the yard performing shunting duties and also weighing of rail wagons on the weighbridge

Jonathan Hilliard scratch built structure from styrenefollowing the dimensions from an article written by Ron Cunningham "Waterfall Yard Hut" which appeared in the AMRM September 1981 . The model of the building was made from Evergreen styrene and Slaters brick plasticard. Both the Novelty and Clapboard sheet was used for the walls to emulate the two different types of cladding of the hut as mentioned in the article.  Windows and the corrugated roofing is from the Campbell's range of products.  The windows modified slightly to suit.

Yard hut and weight bridge on the layout 25 July

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