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This kit comes from Custom Finishing and is a prototype of a National Steel Corporation of Hamilton ON.  It is made from Pewter (White Metal) castings but has been improved.  The original castings had molded on “Blobs” to represent the air cylinder and triple valve.  The piping was vague at best so all were sanded and replaced.  The triple valve on the prototype was encased in a protective shell that was not modelled correctly on the kit variation so this modification was made from looking at photos.  Piping was manufactured from some Details Associates wire and the brackets for holding the piping was from some etching offcuts.  The whole car was put together by soldering using the Carr’s products (Red and Green solder).  Accurate decals were obtained from Andy Wegmueller’s excellent and expensive products.  On the prototype, the vertical stakes are in fact hollow and this would be hard to model.  I may put some black decal on the top to represent the hollowness.  These stakes also had chain across but the chains often were misplaced/lost.  I did replace the molded brake detail with some chain to represent the brake linkage and added Detail Associates coupler cutlevers.


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