I've been modelling since 1997. My interests are in Australian prototypes, namely  the North-western line of NSW in 1972. This allows the combination of steam and diesel hauled traffic on the dusty wool and wheat lines around Werris Creek. I do model later than that but I am only dabbling at the moment.

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44214 - This is the first model I bought, a standard Austrains, which will be detailed in the future. It has been weathered to represent a couple of days work in the North West.
8142 - This is a standard Powerline model which will soon be detailed and receive a new mechanism. it is weathered to represent 8142 after only 3 hours of service. This isn't my era but I have a soft spot for this prototype.
4835 - This started life as a Silverton DE class. It was painted tuscan and soon will have further detail added in the form of handrails, air hoses and weathering.
Z1806 - This is a Lloyd's model built repersent the locomotive when it worked at Wallarah Colliery at the end of its life and soon will be painted and weathered to replicate that.

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